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Types of Fences

We are a fencing company specialized in preventive care maintenance and repair.
Wooden Fences
Classic and versatile, wooden fences offer a timeless appeal. They can be customized in various styles, including picket, privacy, or split-rail, providing both aesthetic charm and functional privacy.
Get the privacy that you need with a fence on your patio.
Vinyl Fences
Low-maintenance and durable, vinyl fences are resistant to rot and pests. They come in various styles and colors, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties.
Chain-Link Fences
Chain-link fences are cost-effective and provide excellent security. They are commonly used for commercial and industrial properties, offering visibility while maintaining a sturdy barrier.
Aluminum Fences
Aluminum fences combine elegance with durability. They are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for various climates, and are often chosen for decorative purposes.
Wrought Iron Fences
Wrought iron fences are known for their ornate designs and classic appeal. While offering security, they add a touch of sophistication to residential and commercial properties.
Composite Fences
Combining wood and plastic, composite fences offer the natural look of wood with the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl. They resist rot, insects, and fading, making them a sustainable option.

Emergency Fence Repair Service

Unexpected incidents can damage fences. Services that offer emergency repairs ensure that your property remains secure,

providing prompt solutions to unforeseen issues. We understand how difficult it can be to find a professional when you

need them most. Therefore, we are here with a punctual, customizable fence repair service made to leave everything in order.

Fence Repair Service

Over time, fences may experience wear and tear. Professional services include fence repair, addressing issues such as damaged panels, loose posts, or weather-related damage. We are a fencing company specialized in preventive care, maintenance and repair. Thanks to our performance and dedication, we make sure to provide you with a service made to last that will leave your fence like new.

We are a fencing company specialized in preventive care maintenance and repair.

Fence Installation Services

Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial properties, choosing the right type of fence and reliable installation services are crucial

Professional Consultation
A successful fence installation begins with understanding your specific needs. Professional installers offer consultation services to assess your requirements, recommend suitable materials, and determine the optimal design for your space.
Site Assessment
Before installation, a thorough site assessment is conducted to identify potential challenges and ensure that the chosen fence type aligns with the terrain and overall landscape.

Customization Options
Fence installation services often include customization options. This allows you to choose the height, style, and material that best complement the aesthetics of your property.
Permits and Regulations
Professional installers are well-versed in local regulations and zoning requirements. They can assist with obtaining necessary permits, ensuring that your fence installation complies with all applicable codes.
Timely Installation
Efficiency is key. Experienced installers work within agreed timelines, minimizing disruption to your routine and ensuring that your property is secured promptly.
Preventive maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your fence.

Fence Maintenance Service

Preventive maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your fence. We offer maintenance programs, ensuring that your fence stays in optimal condition all year round.

About our Company

We are a dedicated company committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

This is what sets us apart from the competition:

Infante Fence has more than 20 years providing quality, fast and affordable service. We have a team of highly trained technicians with years of experience to strive to provide you with the best installation or repair service. If you need professional help, do not hesitate to call our fencing company, we are quality and speed.
Call us and get a perfect and appropriate response to your needs thanks to our highly trained professionals.
Attention to Detail
Our goal is to strive to provide you with the best possible care and a clear and concrete response to all your fence problems. Our installation and repair services offer you unmatched attention to detail at an unbeatable price. We are the dedicated and committed team we know you were looking for to make your home, company or industry a safe and beautiful space from the outside.
Tailored Solutions
At Infante Fence we know that each house, each problem and each client has its own needs, expectations and preferences. We take care of offering you appropriate solutions that fit your problems or needs. No matter what you need, we are here for you to make your life easier and more functional with our repair and installation solutions.

Best Fence Services in Palmdale, CA

Fence installation is a comprehensive process that involves careful planning, quality materials, and professional expertise. Whether you seek privacy, security, or a decorative touch, choosing the right type of fence and reliable installation services is crucial. Give us a call to get advise from the experts!

We offer profesional fence installation services.

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